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Neck & Back Pain

Patient: Athena S.

Athena's Story

I have been a Dental Hygenist for the last 5 years. Unfortunately my job puts me in awkward uncomfortable positions. I am subject to constant repetitive motions throughout the day that cause pain in my body. Before I started chiropractic care with Dr. Gentry I suffered from continual back and neck pain and headaches. Sometimes my headaches would last for 2 days straight! I tried massage therapy for the last 2 years, it felt good but my symptoms always returned just as strong after a couple of days. I use to have to take multiple anti-inflammatory pills on a single work day for pain. After being treated by Dr. Gentry for only a few months I can go several days before needing a single pill. As far as my headaches they are almost completely gone! I am so thankful for the relief Dr. Gentry has given me. Dr. Gentry has healing hands. I always look forward to my appointments and I am always greeted by friendly smiling faces. Thank you Dr. Gentry! Thank you for the caring team at ChiroCare Therapy!!!

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