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Stem Cell Therapy

Relationship between stem cell therapy and chiropractic spinal health

At ChiroCare Therapy, we believe in using as many natural practices as possible to help aid activation and potency of the stem cells for our treatments. One of the different methods included in our treatment protocols is chiropractic adjustment by our licensed doctor of Chiropractic. Chiropractic spinal treatment is extremely important to overall health, wellness and body function, but it is often overlooked and seen merely as a simple fix for back pain. In reality, chiropractic spinal manipulation can alter and improve the function of nearly every system within the body, including affecting how blood flows and nerves communicate with essential organs.

Chiropractic Health

Chiropractic care involves manipulation of the spine and joints. The aging process is ongoing due to daily wear and tear and can be negatively impacted if the spine can becomes misaligned. A properly aligned spine is necessary for nerve signals and blood to flow effectively from the brain to every part of the body. To compensate, the body’s muscles may push and pull on different parts of the spine in an attempt to create an open pathway. This is what leads to many forms of neck and back pain people experience as they age. Additionally, pinched nerves and blood vessels can cause organs to malfunction or wear down quicker over time. This also leads to many common diseases and conditions, regularly treated with medication today to simply treat the symptoms of the issue. Fortunately, through effective chiropractic care, as well as personal fitness, people of any age can improve their spinal health and train their bodies to retain the proper form. Once properly aligned, vital blood flow and a cleared nervous system can ensure the body functions properly.

Stem Cells

Stem cells have the ability to find inflammation and damage in the body and repair it by transforming into new versions of whatever cell is required. However, not all stem cells are equally effective, and external factors play a part in a treatment’s success. For instance, treatment with the correct type and amount of stem cells, but with impeded blood flow due to spinal stress, may result in lessened results. Without the body functioning optimally, the greatest potential of the stem cell healing abilities may not be reached. Additionally, without clear pathways for the body’s nervous system to operate, it can difficult for healing to take place, and for the body to return to operating as efficiently as possible. Dr. Gentry works with patients before and after treatment to ensure their bodies are fully prepared for their stem cell infusion. Their adjustments and corrections open up the spine to allow healthy blood flow and eliminate any obstructions to the nerve pathways. Chiropractic adjustment is just one small measure taken at Chirocare Therapy to ensure our patients receive the greatest benefit possible from treatment.

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